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About Araneum 


Araneum Technologies is a Zurich based machine learning and artificial intelligence company with its origins at ETH and HSG. We are focusing on the processing, enrichment and transformation of raw transaction data from the financial industry. Our highly scalable and in-house developed machine learning & artificial intelligence algorithms are able to process transactional data of any kind. 

We pioneered building Social Graphs based on debit- and credit-card transactions and help our customers to become network centric, to understand how and with whom their customers are connected, understand who their most influential customers are and how they can start leveraging their customers’ networks.


Our unique edge is revealing hidden networks among credit- and debit-card user. Based on those networks, we have developed several use cases with our bank customers (e.g. identification of influencer customers, behavior-based product recommendation, network-based churn prevention, networks based AML & Fraud Detection etc.).

Ready to find out more?

We're happy to share with you all modules and business cases which are available on our platform. Feel free to reach out to us!

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