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About Araneum 


Araneum Technologies is a Zurich based machine learning and artificial intelligence company with its origins at ETH and HSG. We are focusing on the processing, enrichment and transformation of raw transaction data from the financial industry as well as running a proprietary trading system based on our fundamental research. Our highly scalable and in-house developed machine learning & artificial intelligence algorithms are able to process transactional data of any kind. Currently we offer two different main products: the Araneum Enrichment Engine as a data-analytics-as-a-service platform and the Araneum Trading Engine as the backbone of our trading strategies.

Enrichment Engine.png
Enrichment Engine

The Araneum Enrichment Engine is focusing on the transformation and enrichment of raw credit- and debit card transactions, payments and stock market transactions and offers its capabilities as a scalable data-analytics-as-a-service (DAaaS) platform. The main benefit lies in turning raw data into insightful information that helps banks efficiently explore, transform and analyze their own data.

Trading Engine.png
Trading Engine

The Araneum Trading Engine is built on the insight that volatility is a new and relatively inefficient market compared to traditional asset classes. Our in-house built models are able to identify market inefficiencies within the option market by processing option market and volatility data. Our strategy seeks to exploit these inefficiencies by automatically trading mispriced options of liquid equity index instruments.

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